We offer the following types of martial arts:

  • Taekwondo, meaning "the way of the hand and foot," is a general term used to describe Korea's national sport. We train in a traditional Korean forms. We supplement these punches and kicks with self-defense techniques and overall endurance and flexibility training.

  • Karate training takes place in a formal atmosphere with an emphasis on etiquette and self-control as well as physical ability. Training generally is divided into the practice of basic techniques and sparring. While sparring, students stop blows just short of contact so that power is always maintained with control.  

  • Aikido is a Japanese martial art involving a wide range of throws, joint locks, and takedowns. Aikido does not focus on punches and kicks, but rather on how to deflect the impact of punches and kicks. 

Master instructor Matt Simon teaches all classes.  Matt started his martial arts training in 1973. His accomplishments include:

  • 5th Dan Korea Simmudo Association 
  • 5th Dan Korea Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan 
  • 5th Dan Korean Martial Arts Hapkido Federation

Matt opened the studio in 1987 when he left his high school teaching job to lead martial art classes full time.

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